General Information

Together with two of Swedish golf’s largest and most successful profiles – Henrik Stenson and Annika Sörenstam, we create something completely unique. 78 men & 78 women compete against each other in one and the same competition with a joint prize pool of 1 million euros.

We want to create a golf party without its like and to succeed with that you are an extremely important person! We are looking for happy, committed and enterprising officials who want to be part of the team that creates an absolutely world-class event.

If you choose to work with us, you must be able to commit to the following:

  • The work is completely non-profit, so there is no salary or housing allowance
  • You can be good to work between 8-13 June (in some groups even earlier)
  • You undertake to work at least 4 days.
    It can in some cases be very early mornings when the first ball goes out around 07.00
  • The work shifts are about 6-7 hours / day

In return, we can offer you the following:

  • A polo shirt, windbreaker and cap from Cross Sportswear
  • Breakfast / lunch alt. lunch / coffee during the service days
  • Free parking and admission during the competition days
  • 2 extra entrance tickets
  • Some fun days with fantastic community where you will meet many new friends and make new contacts

If you think this sounds fun, sign up at the link below.
The last day to register is March 22 and you will receive an admission letter under v. 14.

Below you can read more about which positions you can apply for. We try as much as possible to give you your first-hand alternative, but hope you understand that some will get their second- or third-hand alternative. We will remove positions gradually as they become fully staffed.8

Volunteer positions


As a host / hostess, you help in our Partner Lounge and Clubhouse and take care of the competition’s VIP guests, sponsors and partners. You are representative, service-minded and like to take care of people. You will stand in positions where there is a lot of pressure so it is required that you can stay calm and be happy, pleasant and helpful even in stressful conditions.

Age: At least 20 years

Working days: 10-13 June

Clerk service

The assignment is suitable for you who like to work in a restaurant environment and meet and talk to the entire staff and all caddies. You are stress-resistant, unpretentious and enjoy meeting many people. The food is delivered from our food supplier, so you only help to present it, fill it and make sure it is clean and tidy.

Age at least 15 years

Working days: 7-13 June


The crèche is a children’s area where the players’ children can play. Here you are required to be very responsible, love children and be enterprising. We see that you have worked with children before, both small and large. This position requires that you can serve all days when the recognition factor for the children is important.

Age: At least 18 years

Working days: 9-13 June

Tickets / Entrance

Your task is to scan tickets, sell tickets on site and hand out spare tickets. The pace of work is often intense and it is required that you like meeting people and have the ability to be happy, pleasant and keep calm even in stressful conditions.

Age: At least 18 years

Working days: 8-13 June

Driver / Courtesy Car

Your task is to drive players, VIP guests and partners. In this position, you are required to be service-oriented and a plus is if you speak English and have good local knowledge in the Gothenburg area. Transport is one of the functions that opens first and closes last, so it is good if you are prepared to work uncomfortable times and have good driving habits.

Age: At least 22 years (driving license is of course a requirement)

Working days: 7-13 June

Course Service

We are looking for you who are used to driving a golf cart and can orientate you on a golf course. Your task is to refill water on all tees, bananas, daily programs, magazines, etc. You should be fast and flexible as it often needs to be refilled at short notice.

Age: At least 18 years old and it is a requirement that you have a driver’s license to drive the golf carts

Working days: 7-13 June

Security / Surveillance

We are looking for you who are calm and safe and are not afraid to stop unauthorized people trying to enter areas they do not have access to. The task is to ensure that only people with the right access have access to certain sensitive areas on the track. You can e.g. stand outside the clubhouse, Players Lounge, VIP stand, etc. At each position there is a guide to start from so you easily know who has access to that particular area.

Age: At least 18 years

Working days: 7-13 June

TV Production

You will be part of a team led by ETP, European Tour Production, which is responsible for the TV broadcast. An exciting mission where you get close to the game and get to follow the players closely. You must have very good knowledge of golf, be confident in the English language, both speaking and receiving instructions. These are quick adjustments so you need to be able to stay calm. Functions within the mission are to capture the sound between the player / caddy, “spotter” who announces what is happening in the assigned ball so the production can redirect cameras and “buggie driver” who assists the cameramen.
This requires that you can work all day.

Age: At least 18 years (driver’s license required to drive a golf cart)

Working days: 10-13 June

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