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10-13 June at Vallda Golf & Country Club.

There are 156 players, 78 men and 78 women competing for one prize pool and one trophy.

The idea was born in the collaboration between We Do Sports and the European Tour where the desire to innovate the competition format and creating an event at the forefront led to the new the game concept. Now 78 men and 78 women are pitted against each other in a mixed approach where one joint victory trophy and a joint prize pool are at stake.

The European tours are the ones that set the actual set of the course and the setup here is based on a lot of statistics from previous European Tour competitions This will give an both exciting and fair competition.

It’s a wonderful innovation that really inspires! It will also be something very special for the audience to see ladies and gentlemen set against each other. I think the new concept is quite clear is the beginning of something new that will both increase interest in golf and as a sport in general.

Yes it is true. Henrik will play the competition himself and Annika will participate in both Pro-Ams and in seminars and activities around the competition.

The registration period expires three weeks before the start, so then we know more.

Yes. On Viasat and TV 10.

At the bottom of the website there is contact information for Anna who is responsible for volunteers.

It is a common prize pool for ladies and gentlemen. There are also games for important ranking points respective tourer.

Follow-up question: A total of 1.5 million Euros for the entire starting field.

There will be buses from Kungsbacka Stattion and there will be parking adjacent to Vallda Golf & Country Club.

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