Greetings from the hosts


Henrik Stenson

The first edition of Scandinavian Mixed was an incredibly important step for men’s and women’s golf in and outside Sweden.

One of the many things that Annika and I have in common is the passion to make the sport grow. And this competition is a brilliant opportunity to inspire the next generation by showcasing the best men and women players and at the same time.

For children and young people in Sweden, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get close to their idols and at the same time be part of a groundbreaking event at Halmstad Golf club. To experience when men meet women in the same competition on the same course and with the same prize pool.

The competition also creates good conditions for continuing the work with the Henrik Stenson foundation where we strive to make the sport grow through youth activities for both girls and boys Stenson Sunesson Junior Challenge. It also includes competitions and camps for paragliders. I believe that Scandinavian Mixed can be a good example of inclusion and by inspiring both girls and boys to golf, I hope that we will see more events of this type around the world in the future.

A greeting from Annika

This is a special event for many reasons and Henrik and I are really looking forward to welcoming visitors and players to Halmstad golf club. Together we will experience the very first edition of Scandinavian Mixed.

I love the inclusion with that competition. That men and women all golf professionals compete together in Sweden on the same course and for the same prize money. It’s great for golf.

Henrik and I look at golf in the same way. We both want to inspire the next generation and also make golf grow in the world. Through the ANNIKA foundation, I have the privilege of actually trying to reach the goals and also in my new role as President of the International Golf Federation. And I think that Scandinavian Mixed will play an important role in how we get there. By gathering the best men and women on the same course, the competition lifts the foundation’s mission to make golf grow among girls. My hope is that many girls will follow Scandinavian Mixed and feel confident that one day they will also be able to participate in this type of competition.

Scandinavian Mixed also feels important on a personal level. I grew up playing with guys. This golf competition closes my circle. I think it feels very fun to start the adventure with Scandinavian Mixed and show girls and boys in and outside Sweden the possibilities with this wonderful sport.